I discovered biathlon approximately a year after my sister did. I was seven then. During the elementary school I was a member of a biathlon club called Čierny Balog – sports club operating in my home village of the same name. When I was 15, I stopped using an air rifle, replaced it with a small-bore rifle and went up to youth and junior age categories. After that I was training in biathlon club Osrblie where I was coached by Anka Murinova. At that time I was a student of Jan Chalupka’s Grammar school in Brezno while I was also attending painting classes at the local art school. In the season 2013/14 I participated in my very first World Championships and I became a member of the Slovak national woman team. I am 24 years old now. It has been 3 years since I became a member and also an employee of Military Sports Centre Dukla Banská Bystrica. I have always been passionate about travelling, culture as well as about the nature. That was exactly the reason why I decided to study teaching of geography and physical education. Currently, I am a master’s student.

So far, my greatest achievements are:

  • 5th place in the relay at the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang (South Korea)
  • 9th place in the sprint at the World cup in Holmenkollen (Norway)
  • 2x 10th place in the sprint at the European Championships in Ridnaun (Italy) and Duszniki (Poland)
  • 8th place in the relay at the World Championships in Hochfilzen (Austria)
  • 2x 2nd place at the Roller Skiing Junior World Cup (summer biathlon)

I would say that biathlon is my lifestyle. I have devoted my entire life to it so when it comes to future all I have are the highest ambitions and expectations. To win the Olympics, the World Championships or the European Championships is surely a dream of every biathlete. Each new season offers new opportunities to surpass myself, to excel my previous achievements and to make progress. Step by step. All the time. I understand that the process of becoming a professional athlete takes time but I believe that the waiting will soon be over.

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